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Next Generation Technologies

In a rapidly evolving digital-first business world, global organizations are highly influenced by next generation technologies. Future technological advancements, developments, and innovations enabled by the internet, software, and services are known as next generation technologies. These include advanced robotics, AI, IoT, RPA, quantum computing, 3-D printing, 5G wireless networks, virtual reality and augmented reality, and blockchain.

Next generation technologies are paving a way for network-enabled, miniature, and fully automated machines. Although enterprise applications based on such technologies are still in the nascent stages of development, they are gradually beginning to drive innovation strategies of the business and the overall impact of these technologies is expected to multifold over the coming years.

Meticulous Research® has been at the focus of tracking different use cases of next generation technologies and enabling global players to direct their innovation and product enhancement activities towards achieving stable revenue growth in this highly dynamic market environment.

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