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Customer Intelligence

Create highly functional marketing, sales, and business strategies in line with ever changing customer needs and preferences
Customer Satisfaction Analysis

Improve brand loyalty and formulate novel customer-centric strategies through 3600 assessment of industry best practices, challenges, and shortfalls. We help global clients to understand their customers in a holistic manner and build stronger customer engagements.

Customer Need Analysis

In an ever-evolving business landscape, identify customer pain points and build winning customer-centric strategies. We help our clients to understand customer needs that matter the most and enable them to build successful targeted marketing initiatives and gain competitive advantage by aligning most desired portfolio of solutions and services for their customers.

Win-Loss Assessment

Understand customer behavior in a holistic manner and build targeted account strategies. We help our clients to asses and evaluate sales opportunities and analyze key factors impacting the win-loss rates, in order to plan and predict the success of marketing strategies.

Brand Perception Analysis

Gather business-critical insights affecting short / mid / long term performance of your brand and build strategies to enhance brand perception and awareness and mitigate any brand-related risks in, a proactive manner and. We help our clients to assess their brand on various parameters including, brand awareness, brand adoption / uptake, key success factors, and so on.

  • Brand Perception Analysis
  • Brand Awareness & Recall
  • Key Purchasing Criteria
  • Key Challenges
  • Decision Making Process
  • Key Decision Makers
  • Switching Rate
  • Willingness to Pay
  • Ideal Price Points
  • Evolving Customer Expectations
  • Effectiveness of Marketing Campaigns

Case Studies

In-Vitro Diagnostic Reagents Market Assessment
Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) Market Assessment
Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Market Assessment
Adoption of Artificial Intelligence in the Indian Healthcare Industry
India Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Market
Sensors Market Assessment

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Meticulous Research
+1 646-781-8004
Meticulous Research
Meticulous Research
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