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We are the trusted research partners for leading businesses around the world, providing market intelligence focused towards building revenue transformation strategies. Our research is used by Fortune 500 organizations to attain success by scouting next generation revenue opportunities well ahead of their competition. Through our mixed bag of research offerings – syndicated research, custom research, and analyst engagement — we enable smart decision making to enhance business performance for global organizations. Our focus is also on finding answers to the challenging questions that global business leaders face on a daily basis. Each year, we deliver more than 300 syndicate studies and 60+ consulting projects across eight industry verticals in 20+ geographic markets.

Our Service Offerings

We offer cutting edge market research across eight industry verticals tracking 21 technology themes that are bound to transform the future revenues of global organizations.

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Our Forte



Robust Research Capabilities


Research Studies Published Every Year

Evolving Market Research Database


Revenue Opportunities

Solid Foundation Build For Research



Robust Research
Research Studies Published
Every Year

Evolving Market
Research Database

Solid Foundation
Build For Research

What We Offer

Meticulous Research

Integration of Research
With Analysis

  • Business Intelligence / Reporting
  • Sourcing / Procurement Strategy
  • Forecasting and Benchmarking
  • M&A, Due Diligence
  • Value-chain Analysis
  • Market Access
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Customer Analysis
  • Vendor Landscaping
  • Branding Strategy
Meticulous Research

Excellent Business
Acumen & Analytical Processes

  • Deliver quality and actionable business insights
  • Conducting research through efficient and effective methods
  • Methods used as per international guidelines for market research
Meticulous Research

Extensive Background
in Primary Research

  • Pre/Post Launch Surveys
  • Go-to-Market Research
  • Supplier Selection Surveys
  • Effectiveness Studies
  • Product Positioning Studies
  • Industry Demand / Pain Point Surveys

Value Proposition

Meticulous Research
Strong Focus on Emerging Markets, Technologies, and Solutions With High Growth Potential
Meticulous Research
Focus on Sourcing Opportunities, Cost Savings, & Raw Material Analysis
Meticulous Research
Flexibility in Customer Servicing in Terms of Product Offerings, Research Support, & Sales Support
Meticulous Research
Cost Competitiveness: Delivering Better Quality at a Lower Price
Meticulous Research

Industry Challenges

  • FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES I Which are the next high growth pockets?
    1. What are the key shifts and market movers?
    2. What is the level of dependency on these movers?
  • PLACING THE RIGHT BETS I How to make the right investment decisions
  • COMPETITIVE ACTION I How the peer's actions altering the market landscape?
Meticulous Research

Our Strengths

  • HIGH GROWTH NICHE MARKETS I Identify the high growth markets
  • DEMAND AND PRICE DRIVERS I Identify the key market drivers and their level of impact on market
  • SOURCING INTELLIGENCE I Identify the right vendors to partner with and sourcing opportunities
  • REGULATORY LANDSCAPE I Assess the impact of changing regulatory regime on business

Over 40% Monopoly Reports

Easy analyst access

Free Customization Services

Reports on demand

In-depth reports covering global geogrghies

Extensive database of syndicated studies across 6 industry verticals

Our History

Meticulous Research® was founded in 2010 and incorporated as Meticulous Market Research Pvt. Ltd. in 2013 as a private limited company under the Companies Act, 1956. The company focused its operations on one agenda – to assist global businesses explore high growth and emerging segments/technologies that provide revenue generation and transformation opportunities for B2B companies, in short, mid and long term. With the time passing by, some of the sharpest minds in the industry joined us and today we are a renowned and trusted for reliable, accurate, and real time market intelligence.

Today, on an average we deliver more than 300 projects annually which helps our customers to make informed revenue transformation decisions. Since incorporation, Meticulous Research has become one of the leading providers of premium market intelligence in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa.

The current engagement model is specifically designed to take the customer experience to the next level wherein clients can not only identify growth opportunities, but take advantage of Meticulous Research capabilities to implement their strategic initiatives as well.

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