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  • 18-Dec-2020

From emerging direct-to-consumer brands that challenge big pet retailers to a boom in delivery demand accelerated by COVID-19, the pet food industry is moving faster than ever to react to the changing market. In recent years, E-commerce has become popular in the pet care industry. The is an increasing demand for online shopping for pet products. This is expected to provide immense opportunities for players operating in the pet care business. E-commerce's strong influence on pet business is hassle-free delivery, user-friendly websites/ apps, and it offers a wide range of products.

In recent times, the hectic work life of individuals has led consumers to choose the online retail channel for fast and doorstep delivery. Further, the easy accessibility of pet products through online retail channels has influenced leading retailers to have their websites. Many other startup independent pet stores are also running E-commerce stores. Thus, the modern way of shopping and advanced E-commerce technology has magnified pet sales.

Moreover, E-commerce sales trends in the pet food market have provided huge scope for personalized pet food. Various startups are focusing on offering customized pet meals based on lifestyle, breed, age, current illnesses, and environment. Personalized pet food is gaining huge popularity among pet owners who want the best food for their pets. Thus, the direct-to-consumer trend has influenced the pet industry in a big way. Many brands follow customize and human-grade pet food trends and sell products without going through a traditional multi-brand retailer. The popular D2C startups deal with personalized nutrition are Jinx. Inc, Nom Nom, The Farmer’s Dog, Ollie, and Chi Dogs.

Further, the COVID-19 pandemic has given a huge boost to pet E-commerce. The prolonged lockdown and social distancing presented a profound opportunity for brands to not only develop an individual relationship with their existing consumers but to attract an entirely new consumer via a new, more cost-effective, D2C business model. In the COVID-19 scenario, rapid acceleration is seen in pet E-commerce. The fear of infection and social distancing requirements has pushed pet owners toward online pet retail to meet their canine demand. Thus, the rapid expansion of E-commerce provides huge scope for the pet food business.


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